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"The Australian Health Department estimates 5.4 million Australians get sick annually from eating food contaminated with bacteria or viruses. This figure is outrageously high considering Australia has one of the safest food supplies in the world due to effective working partnerships between food manufacturers, food handlers, retailers and government regulators"
Source http://www.foodsafety.asn.au

Internationally food safety is becoming a major issue from the perspectives of public health, allergy and bio terrorism.

Legal Aspects

  • Risk to a food business of litigation resulting from a food poisoning outbreak
  • Major problem for large scale caterers, international hotels and convention industry

  • Litigation from patrons who accuse the venue of food poisoning outbreaks
    Business Aspects

  • Risk to BRAND equity and loss of confidence by the public in an entire organisation not just the outlet where the outbreak occurred.

  • Cost involved recovering consumer confidence after food poisoning occurrence.

A food poisoning outbreak can decimate the reputation of any food business from the local restaurant up to a food multinational. A main cause of these illnesses is incorrectly handled food. Foods are either cooked incorrectly or held in refrigerated storage at too high a temperature. As a result food is left in the danger zone (that is, between 5°C and 60°C), for too long. As a result bacteria and viruses grow and contaminate causing either infections or food positioning events. This can be hard enough to manage in the home environment. However, in the large scale food processing establishments such as production kitchens or food factories, it is almost impossible to keep effective supervision over all cooking, cooling and holding operations through the production and storage areas.

Shanaglen Technology has developed a series of data monitoring and collecting tools that assist with temperature monitoring and batch tracking throughout large scale production kitchens and factories.

The key to the system is the integration of data logging facilities with purpose written .NET applications backed up with industry standard SQL databases to deliver the strength and reliability needed to ensure that all data is captured, reported on and maintained for use review purposes. It also ensures that errors are captured as soon as they occur. A local alarmed will indicate to the operator that action is needed and they can take appropriate action to recover the incident. However, we also have built in alarm escalation so that unattended alarms are escalated up the action is taken.

The Shanaglen Technology Food Safety System is designed to monitor not only covers cooking and chilling operations but we have worked out ways of tracking batches of food products through the production chain. We also have system that monitors the performance of dishwashers in hospitals and large scale production kitchens where there is a risk of cross contamination when the dishwasher fails to operate correctly

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