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Food Safety Systems

Shanaglen Technology has developed a system where food safety can be assured through the capturing and manipulation of critical temperature and time data. The Food Safety System is a unified structure that collects Time/Temperature data from process operations from the factory floor. It has the ability to follow products through the many individual stages of food preparation and deliver a unified Thermal History of the entire production and storage cycle. The system has the capability of not only tracking temperature history of products but also raising alarms to prevent expensive food losses and potentially dangerous foods being sold to the public at large. This design seeks to capture even the smallest error that is made on the processing floor before it becomes a full blown recall.

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NPD Management Systems

The business of NPD can be confusing for most people. Successful New Product Development requires a blend of creative flair, technical knowhow, the ability to understand the target consumer and a strong business process focused on delivery of outcomes that can build a business.

Shanaglen Technology has developed a series of effectiveness tests to determine the overall efficiency of your NPD effort and recommend changes to the being the system up to most successful.

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Food Innovation and Renovation

New and improved products are the lifeblood of any food business.

Shanaglen has extensive experience in creating new products from a formless idea through to finished goods ready for sale. We also have the skills necessary to cost optimize and represent an existing product range to re-engage with the consumer

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Specialist Training

Shanaglen Technology partners with D. Forte and Associates and FOOD STREAM to deliver specialist courses in Food Extrusion, Water Activity and Drying and Shelf Life Evaluation.

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