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NPD Management

Successful New Product Development requires a blend of creative flair, technical knowhow, the ability to understand the target consumer and a strong business process focused on delivery of outcomes that can build a business.

However, this is what we are faced with on a daily basis!

The problem

  • Too many projects

  • Poor focus on ROI for NPD projects

  • No Executive oversight during Project process

  • No early warning or issues or project delays

  • Stressed NPD staff trying to manage excessive demands from customers

How can Shanaglen Help?

Doing NPD better, we can help you:

  • Better project prioritisation and focus = greater financial returns

  • Better resource management.

  • Improve customer communication and involvement to reduce unexpected changes.

  • Improve visibility, tracking and accountability.

  • Improve reporting and notifications = better planning.

Effective management of NPD teams is the cornerstone to efficiency and delivery of new and improved products. The changes in the Australian food and grocery landscape over the past five years, has echoed and reinforced this ideal. However, many food companies are not equipped in terms of business processes to successfully control the NPD function. The delivery of NPD in today's FMCG marketplace requires a business process that possesses speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

The concept of phased development as an innovation tool was used by NASA in the 1960’s. The Stage-Gate model for Product Development was developed by Robert G. Cooper (McMaster University) in his book "Winning at New Products"(published in 1986). While this was a seminal work in the field, many have found its implementation to be slow to be a truly workable solution.

Shanaglen Technology has developed a series of techniques that enable companies to benefit from the control of Stage-Gate without imposing an unnecessarily large overhead on the management team. The process also offers full visibility to all layers of management from the Executive team to the production floor. Once a project has been initiated, an enhanced phase gate style process is executed using online tools to control project flow, costs and communications in a single package.


Shanaglen Technology partners with D. Forte and Associates and FOOD STREAM to deliver specialist courses in Food Extrusion, water activity and drying and Shelf Life Evaluation.



Shanaglen also has developed a series of NPD Process training courses to train new and existing staff in the area of the business side the NPD

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